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South African photographer Kim Wolhuter has won The Gerald Durrell Award for Endangered Species in the 2012 Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Painted Wolf Wines is a dynamic and innovative South African wine company. We are dedicated to the production of authentic, distinct and delicious wines, and to the conservation of African wild dogs and their natural habitat.

Our Wines

We produce wines with a distinctive South African feel, and to that end focus largely on wines crafted from Chenin Blanc and Pinotage – the two bench mark South African grape varieties, The grapes are sourced from our pack members vineyards, which are low yielding, mostly unirrigated and farmed organically or with minimal non organic inputs.

Painted Wolves

The “Painted Wolf” (Lycaon Pictus), also known as the African Wild Dog or Painted Dog , is one of Africa’s most fascinating and highly endangered mammals. They have a highly co-operative family social structure and are extremely persistant and effective hunters. They are our inspiration. We support the conservation of this intriguing and beautiful animal with a contribution from every bottle of wine sold and through our communications.

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Thought provoking words below - interesting to observe the huge outpouring of anger about this heinous act ....... sadly the wasteful death of this beautiful lion is hardly an isolated incident. Time for wildlife to be valued for what it is - priceless and irreplaceable and conservation to receive the full support of governments and all of us! Ok ...... I'll step off my soap box ..... for now. ... See MoreSee Less

1st July 2015 will always be marked as the day when Zimbabwe lost an icon - Cecil The Lion. This was a proud king whose domain was the Zimbabwean savanna. Adored, admired, revered and immortalised in countless photographs and video footage Cecil was the ultimate Ambassador for his species. It saddens us that now only in death is Cecil the worlds most recognised lion. How many other species will we lose in the same way, only to connect with them after their death? This is not a proud moment for mankind in fact the complete opposite. We have lost Cecil - and alone side him the countless other unnamed, but equally important species, which silently die without a thought from anyone?

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In which Jeremy gets some lessons from a Zimbabwean Palm wine maker... ... See MoreSee Less

After a fabulous weekend of fine wine courtesy the Borgs of Painted Wolf Wines, Wild Dog conservation and awareness with thanks to the African Wildlife Conservation Fund, Dr Rosemary Groom and Jess Watermeyer. Fabulous excursions into the Park with Clive Stockil and Lionel Muzengi, magnificent Wild Dog artwork by Lin Barrie, all hosted by the Chilo Team. A resounding success, look out for this event next year!

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Wishing you a wild dog Wednesday, finished off with wonderful, wine therapy! ... See MoreSee Less

As promised... some more gorgeous photos from the Mbungo pack den visit. Thanks Andries Combrinck for sharing your photos! Have a happy Saturday everyone :)

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This is such a tragic image and should not be the fate for any creature. So very disappointed and sad about the export of 24 wild caught elephants from Zimbabwe to China. Surely, there are other ways to raise funds for conservation? Of real concern is that the elephants are destined for zoos that are not members of any international accredited zoo associations - there is speculation that some of the animals may also be destined for circuses. What a travesty! ... See MoreSee Less

Zimbabwe: Young elephants 'trafficked' to China A wildlife saga that has sparked international outrage took a new twist yesterday when 24 elephant calves were flown from Harare to China. They were among a group of 36 calves taken from their herds in Zimbabwe's flagship Hwange National Park and held at a holding facility since August. Conservationists from across the world have staunchly opposed the capture and sale of the calves to zoos and safari parks in China, which have poor animal welfare records. Johnny Rodrigues, director of the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force, said he was "gutted" after learning that the elephants were leaving Zimbabwe. "Three of four baby Hwange elephants shipped to a Chinese zoo and a safari park in 2012 are no longer alive, and the fourth is suffering from depression and ill-health." Rodrigues said he fears the latest shipment will form part of a mass sale of elephants and lions caught in Zimbabwe reserves to Chinese enterprises, including circuses. "Our government is robbing us and our future generations, and China is plundering Africa's heritage ... "The government must be held accountable. The facilities in China have shocking histories of animal abuse, and poor animal husbandry and veterinary care." The loading for transport was under tight security enforced by military and national intelligence officials, out of sight of the public, at about 7am yesterday. The Zimbabwean government, which is in huge debt to China and unable to pay Zimbabwe National Parks employees, has brushed aside criticism, saying that the animals must pay for themselves. Source: www.timeslive.co.za/thetimes/2015/07/06/Elephants-trafficked-to-China #Zimbabwe #Africa #China #elephants Image: Zimbabwe exported eight elephants, including this male, to China in 2012. Most are now reported to be dead (c) Chian Zoo Watch

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Denning season coinciding with this fabulous event ........wishing I was there! For anyone planning a trip to Zimbabwe, Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge is a wonderful destination, situated in the south east of the country, a hop away from Gonarezhou National Park and built with the most magnificent views across the Save river ...... was lucky enough to spend a magical few days there, two years ago. ... See MoreSee Less

At Senuko, the Nyarushanga Pack have recently denned, (discovered by Cain of the African Wildlife Conservation Fund), and I have been delighted with being able to be close to my favourite species, African wild dogs, and to share them with good friends Bronwen and Jerome, Alastair Pole and Neil Birnie, our granddaughters and staff… special sightings indeed…here is one of Al’s photos of a young male dog that I have named Mase, meaning "milk"...gorgeous white splashes! A special time of year! PLUS....Soon we will host a Wine and Wild dog weekend at Chilo Gorge...most exciting ...for more photos and information, see my blog "Of Elephants, Wild Dogs and Full Moons, Good friends, Venus and Jupiter….." wildlifeandwilddogs.wordpress.com/2015/07/01/of-elephants-wild-dogs-and-full-moons-good-friends-v...

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Thanks to everyone who took part in our art auction. We will be contacting you shortly! ... See MoreSee Less

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We are counting down to noon GMT today.... get your last minute sneaky bids in before the cut off time.... ... See MoreSee Less

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