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Coming soon – a brand new tasting room at 125 Main Road, Paarl

Painted Wolf Wines is a dynamic and innovative South African wine company. We are dedicated to the production of authentic, distinct and delicious wines, and to the conservation of African wild dogs and their natural habitat.

Our Wines

We produce wines with a distinctive South African feel, and to that end focus largely on wines crafted from Chenin Blanc and Pinotage – the two bench mark South African grape varieties, The grapes are sourced from our pack members vineyards, which are low yielding, mostly unirrigated and farmed organically or with minimal non organic inputs.

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Painted Wolves

The “Painted Wolf” (Lycaon Pictus), also known as the African Wild Dog or Painted Dog , is one of Africa’s most fascinating and highly endangered mammals. They have a highly co-operative family social structure and are extremely persistant and effective hunters. They are our inspiration. We support the conservation of this intriguing and beautiful animal with a contribution from every bottle of wine sold and through our communications.

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WINE WEDNESDAY: Those looking to sample some of the area’s finest vintages can stop in at the PAINTED Wolf Wines Bar at Decorex Cape Town, with proceeds from the sale of all wine going towards conservation efforts to protect the African wild dog. This environmentally responsible ethos will be translated into the bar’s design, carefully crafted by a local designer.

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Despite the slight sogginess of KKNK at the moment, Martinique Louw will be forging on with The weird and wonderful tasting at Cango Caves Estates.

Our adventurous tasters are in for a treat. From right (light) to left: The Den Chenin Blanc 2016 with Lemon poppy cake dipped in white chocolate; Paarl Roussanne 2014 with caramel popcorn; The Den Pinotage Rose 2016 with candy floss (or our favorite Afrikaans word- spookasem [ghost breath]); The Den Pinotage 2014 with Belgian coffee creme milk chocolate and finally, Swartland Syrah 2013 accompanied by Belgian dark chocolates with chili Grenache filling.

Are your mouths watering yet?

KKNK continues until Saturday April 15... tickets at computicket.
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It is rosé season yet?!?! From the ELLE + Delish cooking series. Full rosé sorbet recipe here: bit.ly/1UPkNPK

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This plasic bags I found yesterday in Windhoek, Maerula Mall at the Superspar for NAD 40,00. I am so happy that this wonderful animals get more and more attention.

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Goeiemore #KKNK2017 - Jy kan uitsien na Karen Zoid en die Gereformeerde Blues Band, Crafty Kids by die ATKV-Neelsie Teater, Cango Caves Estate en PAINTED Wolf Wines se Weird and Wonderfull Wine Pairing asook Theuns Jordaan met Dr. Victor & The Rasta Rebels! Sien jou vandag. #BeleefDit Klik op die video onder vir ons vroegoggend-uitsending.

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The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) and the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) launched the 2016 Red List of Mammals of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland in December 2016. Each week, we’ll be bringing you new species assessments, and introducing you to our Mammal of the Week, based on this updated Red List. This week’s mammal of the week is none other than the African Wild Dog (Lycaon pictus). Their scientific name means “Painted Wolf” which is a fair reflection of their beautiful tri-coloured coats. Just like our fingerprints, the patterns on the coats of Wild Dogs are unique to each individual, and can be used to distinguish members of the pack from one another. This beautiful animal is sadly South Africa’s most Endangered carnivore (and the second in Africa behind the Ethiopian Wolf - Canis simensis). Nonetheless, they are a resilient species; some Wild Dogs, after losing limbs to snares, have survived on three limbs – no other large carnivore has been recorded to do so successfully in the wild. South Africa’s national population has increased to approximately 500 individuals in 2016 and this increase, like the Cheetahs (Acinonyx jubatus), is largely due to the tireless efforts of the EWT’s Carnivore Conservation Programme and the Wild Dog Advisory Group (WAG-SA). These teams assist parks and reserves across the country to establish new Wild Dog populations and coordinate movements of Wild Dogs between these areas to ensure that there is genetic diversity. This group of managed national parks and reserves, excluding Kruger National Park, has expanded from three reserves in March 2000 to 11 reserves in January 2016. Threats facing Wild Dogs are severe and widespread and include direct persecution, diseases, snaring, road fatalities and habitat fragmentation. Even though there has been an overall population increase in the past decade, primarily due to active and intense management, the population remains dangerously small with less than 250 mature individuals. Therefore, the Endangered listing remains for these canids. For more information, visit www.ewt.org.za/Reddata/reddata.html The 2016 Red List of Mammals of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland was funded via the South African National Biodiversity Institute (through a grant by the Norwegian Government that aims to build capacity in the southern Africa region for undertaking assessments), the Endangered Wildlife Trust, the Department of Environmental Affairs, E Oppenheimer & Son and De Beers Group of Companies.

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Our wines are being promoted in Kruger national park shops during the April holidays. Look out for the tagged bottles and enter the competition to win a "Mini Dog Box" ... See MoreSee Less

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If you're taking advantage of all the holidays in April and heading to the Kruger National Park, why not pick up a bottle of wine from one of our loyal supporters, PAINTED Wolf Wines, and you could stand a chance to win with them! We're also encouraging visitors to the KNP to submit any sightings of Wild Dogs (with photos if possible) to GrantB@ewt.org.za, to assist with our vaccination programme.

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