Endangered Wildlife Trust (South Africa)

The Wild Dog has been the focus of a major long-term study programme in the Kruger National Park since 1989, sponsored by the Endangered Wildlife Trust. The Kruger National Park contains the only viable South African population of Wild Dogs. Information and knowledge gained from this study has been used to improve management strategies for the species.

The Endangered Wildlife Trust was established in 1973 and is registered as a Non-profit Organisation

The EWT fills the key niche of on-the-ground conservation action. Our specialist programmes and large team of skilled field staff are deployed throughout southern Africa and focus on applied fieldwork, research and direct engagement with stakeholders. Our work supports the conservation of species and ecosystems, and recognises the role that communities play in successful conservation programmes.

We focus on identifying the key factors threatening biodiversity and develop mitigating measures to reduce these. Through a broad spectrum of partnerships and networks, we develop innovative methodologies and best practice guidelines that help to reduce negative environmental impacts and promote harmonious co-existence and sustainable living for both people and wildlife.

Web: www.ewt.org.za
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