A pack 50 canine cavorters took to the streets of Cape Town for the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon over the Easter Weekend. Ears a-flapping, they doggedly pursued their goal of finishing the 21 km course, raising funds for Wild Dog conservation and raising awareness of the plight of the world’s most endangered carnivore. But the fun didn’t end after the hunt for a medal.


Jess Watermeyer from the African Wildlife Conservation Fund reported:

“We had a really wonderful time with runners from across the globe joining together to run and raise awareness and funds for African wild dog conservation. The wine prizes and merchandise from Painted Wolf Wines were SO well received and went a long way in securing the success of this event!

In fact, so many of the runners were keen on the Pictus Magnums and the bottles of wine that I ended up auctioning them off instead of handing them out as prizes, and (along with Lin’s art) ended up raising an extra R5 000.00 on the day! Really fantastic! I encouraged the runners to support Painted Wolf Wines, so let’s hope they pick up your brand when next they are scanning for some good wine!”

To see Jess talk about the initiative – have a look at this video news clip from the SABC

$9 970.00 was raised with happy people bidding and baying to get their hands on a Lin Barrie artwork, whether is was a sketch or in the form of a label on our delicious limited edition and individually numbered Pictus One wine.

We hope all the successful bidders enjoyed the wine and will contact us for further taste adventures.

Keep running wild!