Last week I toddled off to Paarl to catch up with the Painted Wolf pack and make some plans for the year.

Jeremy has been rushing from vineyard to cellar to bottling plant at the speed of light, while Emma is busy prepping for her upcoming return to Japan for Wine & Gourmet Japan 2015.

One of the subject we have discussed in the last year was food. Jeremy’s previous life as a chef means he has a keen appreciation of food and wine pairings as well as the ability to make them happen.

We agreed that the Wandering Winemaker needed to be pinned down to share some recipes and made last Wednesday, D-Day.

The garden at the den is absolutely crammed with the most gorgeous (and alarmingly huge) basil plants as well as any number of tomato plants that grew out of the compost on the bed. As Jeremy puts it, they are volunteers – and very tasty volunteers they proved to be. With basil and tomato as a starting place, Jeremy whipped up a Pan-fried hake with baby tomatoes and pesto served with a potato, green bean and olive salad, while I filmed him on my phone. (We love our serious camera equipment).

One of the hardest aspects of this frivolity was trying not to laugh out loud at some of the things that happened. Out-takes will be posted on facebook (sorry, Jeremy – not really).

Here is the list of things you need to know:

  • The video can be viewed on our brand new YouTube Channel, which can be found here.
  • Outtakes can be viewed on our facebook page here

Have fun trying it out and let us know how it went. Also let us know if there are any recipes of Jeremy’s you would like him to share… I’m nagging for the Bunny Chow in coconut bread rolls.