Jeremy had a fantastic trip to the UK. His experiences ranged from the very grand Tusk Dinner at Windsor Castle in the presence of Tusk patron HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, to grimly cycling on and on, in cold and clammy conditions. The grimmest day being the last haul to Edinburgh when none of the places he stopped at had a bed to spare, so two day’s worth of journey had to be crammed into one long pedal. If he ever does this again, we are calling for volunteers along the border regions to provide a weary wheeler with shelter. As anyone who housed him can attest, it’s worth it, the man cooks like a dream!

When Jeremy rode the Tour de Tuli last year, the cyclist rode in teams with the team leader equipped with a GPS navigation device. A sensible precaution when you’re in the middle of the bush with not a signpost in sight. This UK trip proved to be an equally large challenge, mainly because Jeremy probably thought that it was going to be relatively easy to navigate a country with pubs and signposts without a GPS. He got lost quite a few times along the way and his planned route of 890 or so miles probably turned into over 1000..

Thank you

A huge thank you:

  • to every person and organisation who contributed to this adventure. Your generosity is beyond words.
  • to all the people who came out to taste our wines and who contributed to Tusk, including the wild dogs of Great Britain who turned out to support.
  • to every friend, old and new who provided Jeremy with a bed for a night to rest his cycled-out body at the end of each day.
  • to Bespoke Cycling Company for the Beast; North South Wines for their organisational skills; every wine merchant, restaurant and organisation who opened their doors to our wanderer; and our artists and photographers for their beautiful artworks.

We are still accepting donations to the cause (all donations go directly to Tusk). Just go to Jeremy’s fundraising page.

After all this effort, he staggered off to Portugal and Spain on a wine tour. This was his prize for Peloton Rouge 2009 winning the Perold Absa Cape Blend Competition last year 2014.