We’ve had a few ultra busy weeks with the wine flowing and fans enjoying the flow. The Veritas public tastings in Cape Town and Durban, The De Beers conference, the Endangered Wildlife Trust AGM, a few private tastings and the launch of our wine club.

On Jeremy’s last day, the Johannesburg pack were invited to an open house event at the Painted Wolf ‘Den’ in Northern Johannesburg. It was another sunny highveld day with fortunately, quite a few trees to provide some welcome shade. Everyone had a lovely time and quite a few cases of our wines followed people home, like the good dogs they are.

At the same time we launched our wine club.

The wine club is aimed at our most stalwart supporters. The people who love to open a bottle of The Den for a casual supper, or want an award winner for a posh dinner; those who love that they are contributing to wild dog conservation as they sip their Chenin; and who love the idea that we keep producing extraordinary hand crafted wines.

Since the beginning, Painted Wolf Wines has been built with African Wild Dog packs in mind. They are sociable, have persistence, stamina and most of all, they look after each other. For a while, this pack concept has only really extended to the company and the people who work in the background, but obviously, the people who drink our wines and support our vision are just as important. For this reason, we wanted to find a more organized way of rewarding our pack of wine lovers, than just now and again offering specials.

The benefits of joining the wine club

  • 10% discounts on purchases of 12 or more bottles (excluding special offers which will already have discounts applied)
  • Free delivery in the Cape Peninsula and Central Gauteng for 12 or more bottles. If you live outside of these two locations – we will charge for delivery but will deduct the cost of the local delivery from the total
  • Pack only invitations to tastings and food pairing events
  • Invitations to wine and wilddog weekends in beautiful wild places
  • Cyclists can join Jeremy for a Paarl ride or a pedals4paws wild ride (by pre-arrangement)
  • Pre-release offers on our new vintages which will include our special wines like Veritas Gold Medal winner “Penny” Viognier.
  • Last and certainly not least – hassle free donations to the Endangered Wildlife Trust. You buy the wine, we make a donation for every bottle you buy. We have already donated over R300 000 to the EWT and will continue to do everything we can to support the conservation of our favourite canines.


We are working on more great things to share with the pack, but in the meantime, you must be wondering what the catch is. We must admit to having some terms and conditions, and so we will disclose them right here:

Terms and conditions

  • The obvious one: you have to be 18 years or older in order to join. Wine and pups do not mix.
  • You have to have a delivery address in South Africa. Apologies to all the fans in outer Mongolia and other far flung places, at the moment this is a South African pack building exercise.
  • You must commit to buying 24 bottles a year. That’s two bottles of Painted Wolf Wines to drink every month if you stick to the minimum. Less than that hardly qualifies one as a true pack member, don’t you think. You’ve gotta love the stuff to join.
  • And why would you want to go to the hassle of remembering to buy two every month? We are offering these discounts and benefits only for purchases by the case (6 bottles). Purely because trying to sort out the stock on mixed cases is a bit of a headache. However, we are making an exception with the DOG BOX. If you want to start out by getting a mixed case of 12 of our wines (valued at R1300) for R1000 (with a built-in R100 donation to the EWT), then let our wine club coordinator know when you sign up. The case comes with a fluffy wild dog mascot to guard it en route, and if you get it in time for the holidays, you will have enough variety to suit the tastes of all your friends and family.

Release your inner wolf and join our pack- the alternative wine club for bush lovers, cyclists, foodies and the odd wild dog!