Morkel Erasmus, Framing Everything

We are thrilled to be sponsors of the South African arm of this international event. I am sure a lot of you have seen the photos on facebook, of HRH Prince Harry, visiting the exhibition and chatting to Emma and  then Jeremy. He walked away with three magnums of Pictus I, and an idea of our efforts to stop the decline of the wild dog population. Prince Harry has also gained media attention recently for his work in the field, helping a Rhino poaching survivor and speaking out against the eradication of our wildlife by poachers – and the market that exists for wild animal parts. We applaud the effort both he and his brother, The Duke of Cambridge, are putting into this issue. Using the ever-hungry media to spread message for good is setting an excellent example. Now, to hope more people in the media spotlight will follow.

The world-renowned exhibition, on loan from the Natural History Museum in London, opened at the Chavonnes Battery Museum, Clocktower, V&A Waterfront on 1st December 2015, and features over 100 awe-inspiring images. The exhibition will be in Cape Town until 15 April and from there it will move onto Johannesburg and Durban later in 2016.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year is the most prestigious photography event of its kind, providing a global platform that showcases the natural world’s

Rosamund Macfarlane, Snow hare

most astonishing and challenging sights for over 50 years. Launching in the UK in 1965 and attracting then 361 entries, today the competition receives over 42,000 entries from 96 countries highlighting its enduring appeal. This year there are 13 images by South African Finalists and Winners. Below, is a small sample of some of the entries from around the world.

This year’s award-winning images embark on an international tour, including South Africa’s Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban, that allows them to be seen by millions of people across six continents. Every year, the exhibition will return to South Africa with the most recent winners of the past year’s competition. Categories within the exhibition include the Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award, with incredible wildlife images taken by children in 3 categories: 10 years and under, 11-14 yrs old and 15-17yrs old.

Other categories include:

Mammals, Plants, Birds, Under Water, Black And White, Rising Star Portfolio Award, Wildlife Photojournalist Award (Story and Single Image), Impressions, Details, Urban, FromThe Sky, Land, Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Portfolio Award, Time-lapse Award.

Floris van Breugel, Jagged peace

Wildlife Wednesdays

From Wednesday January 13 2016 onwards,  the exhibition will host a guest photographer presenting their work and inspiring an audience with their stories and photographs from the field. Wildlife Wednesdays will run from  6pm-8pm with ticket holders gaining entrance to the exhibition, the talk and getting a taste of our wine when we can get there. Tickets available at

Keep an eye out for the dates and venue for Johannesburg next year. We will be pouring wine at that opening as well.