At the beginning of May, Emma was our travel and tourism ambassador at two important showcases in South Africa.

We are Africa, May 2 – 5

We teamed up with Leading Hotels of the World at the We Are Africa Exhibition 2016 at Cape Town Stadium. Emma and Martinique poured wines paired with the delicious creations presented by the chefs from three of their best hotels:

12 Apostles,

The Saxon

and Cape Grace

The lure of delicious food and wine meant they got the opportunity to meet and chat with tourism buyers from all over the world.

Indaba Tourism 2016, May 7-9

Then Emma zipped off to Durban for Indaba Tourism 2016, another one of the key tourism exhibitions in South Africa. Our partners this time were ATTA (African Travel and Tourism Association) with which Painted Wolf Wines has had a long and fruitful relationship.

In Durban it rained for Africa! Thanks to the excellent stand organiser, our marquee weathered the storm. Participants from the hotel and safari industry across the globe enjoyed our wines at the end of each day on the stand. We also sponsored the wines for ATTA’s annual networking event at Moyo Ushaka.

Emma was particularly excited to meet Laura and Shane from Green Safaris, an awesome built-to-purpose eco lodge on the edge of Kafue in Zambia. They are in the process of building a lodge that will be powered by 135 solar panels. They run an electric boat and Landrover, and they will be pouring Painted Wolf Wines for their guests!

Emma was thrilled to also catch up with Fiona Jeffries from the ATTA board and hear more about the life changing ‘Just a drop’ project in Africa.

The wonderful aspect of these tourism shows is that people come up to taste the wines, and then tell us where they first enjoyed it. Sometimes it is a place we know of, but often it is at a lodge in the Serengeti or somewhere in the world we didn’t know we had reached.

As a result of all the conversations, we hope to soon be represented in more African countries such as Zanzibar and Uganda. Watch this space!