Our fund raising evening on Wednesday started out very ominously with the mother of all storms breaking over much of Joburg. In fact it was so bad in the east of the city, the roads around OR Tambo airport were completely flooded and the N1 around Linksfield was a river with cars in it. The representative of Chalmar Beef was severely delayed because her home in the east was cut off for a few hours until the waters subsided, but we were thrilled when she finally made it.

The wonderful people at Chaplin’s Grill were happy to change plans at the last minute to move our wine bar and the silent auction from the inside to the outside.

All our tickets had been sold ahead to time, but we were still worried that our diners might be put off by the weather, or worse,  be cut off by the deluge. To our delight, everyone arrived and enjoyed a lovely evening !

Dr Kelly Marnewick from the EWT gave a very informative talk about wild dogs and their historical label as “vermin”. She painted a vivid picture of their decimation and the reason they are critically endangered today. The case for partial vaccination of South Africa’s wild dog packs is a good one. Diners also enjoyed a talk about our wines from Jeremy.

Our auction was made up of a range of African wild dog related items from cases of our wines , to original artworks and prints donated by our label designer Lori, to tiny pewter wild dog sculptures from the EWT shop. Before, during and after the dinner, wild dog fans surreptitiously checked bids on the bid forms and upped the ante. The most amazing upping coming from the person who took home the original watercolour, who doubled the existing bid at the last minute and won it for R5000.

The proceeds from tickets and the auction as well as last minute donations meant that the evening raised about R45 000 towards the canine distemper programme.


Many thanks to Chalmar Beef, Chaplins Grill and everyone who made the evening such a success, there are future healthy wild dogs who have you to thank