Earlier this month, Jeremy recieved an email from Cole Du Plessis of the Endangered Wildlife Trust, giving an update on his work in the field with African wild dogs (he refers to them throughout as Painted Wolves which we can’t fault).

Cole’s report

Putting up the fence in the Maremani boma

Early in the month I had meetings with the managers from Selati Game Reserve and Maremani about the prospect of introducing a Painted Wolf pack into the respective reserves. While Selati remain apprehensive but interested, Maremani Nature Reserve have already submitted the permits necessary to have Painted Wolves and are currently awaiting approval. In the meantime, we have built a predator boma that is now secure and ready to hold Painted Wolves. While in Maremani, there was a free roaming pack (yet to be identified) that was seen in the neighbouring reserve. The farmer that reported them wanted them off immediately so an attempt was made to try collar one of the individuals so we could monitor their movements. Though we were unsuccessful, the farmers mind was changed and was happy to have the Painted Wolves- if they stuck around. The manager of Maremani continue to attempt at darting and collaring the pack but if they do, they might look at putting some of the individuals in the new boma as a means to anchor the pack to ‘safe space’.

A new pack in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park (HIP)

In KZN, a new pack has formed in HIP. It is made up of three females from the Sokhozela pack and two males from Brodie’s pack. We were on our way home after attempting to put a second collar on to Sokhozela main pack when we bumped this pack in the Masinda area. In addition to this, we put new collars on the Bhejie and Ngolothi pack.

Collaring the alpha female from the Nqolothi Pack

The Status of Painted Wolves in South Africa

At WAG-SA (Wild Dog Advisory Group), a workshop was also held to rejuvenate the status of Painted Wolves in South Africa. Different jobs have been actioned to people throughout the group. Some of the ideas included Painted Wolf photography competition, renaming Wild Dogs to Painted Wolves and work at getting more media attention on Painted Wolves. This should really support the expansion project in Southern Africa and we really hope you can support in this to.