For the third year in a row, Painted Wolf Wines have stepped up as sponsors of Nature’s Best Photography Africa. This exhibition of spectacular photographs is on at the Iziko South Africa museum until March 4, 2018.

There are so many reasons we are happy to be associated with this exhibition. Firstly, because the photographs capture the breath-taking beauty of our continent. Secondly, the subject matter covers all aspects of nature from landscapes to insects. Thirdly, because appreciation of our wild, open spaces should lead to more conservation of these spaces and finally, because we think that this exhibition and the museum that houses it should be on everyone’s to-see list.

If you are in Cape Town and have some time, then definitely visit the museum and this exhibition for an insight into places most of us can only dream of seeing in person.

If you are not in Cape Town, have a look on their facebook page and most particularly at the album entitled People’s Choice (here is a handy link to it). These are the photographs that are brilliant, but there were too many just that teensy bit more brilliant. The judges decided that they needed recognition and therefore, need the public’s vote in order to win.

Vote and stand a chance to win our wines

If you are in South Africa, you can win a mini dog box filled with six of our delicious wines, by voting for your favourite photograph from this collection and sharing the album. There has already been one winner in January, but there will be another draw at the end of February!

The photo we used to illustrate the quality of these photos is predictably, the one of two wild dog pups by Braeme Holland – Puppy Play in the MAMMALS BEHAVIOURAL category.

This is by no means an attempt to sway your decision. There are some amazing images to choose from and we are only counting shares, not who you vote for.

Visit the exhibition, visit the facebook page – vote, share, ENJOY!