Photo credit: Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge
Photo credit: Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge
Photo credit: Sven Liebchen


In 2006, Emma and Jeremy Borg decided to create a wine company with one aim – to raise money to build a more hopeful future for the remarkable and highly endangered painted wolf. (There was also a secondary purpose – to allow Jeremy to pursue his ambitions as a winemaker, which he has done with great determination and flair!)

Creating the company involved many wonderful collaborations with friends from all walks of life, and over the years, with the help of these exceptional people, Painted Wolf Wines has grown to become a leading producer of award-winning wines. We now have three distinctive and memorable ranges, are never afraid to try something a little bit off the beaten track and have raised upwards of R2.5 million for conservation along the way.

“I like to work in harmony with each batch of grapes which we harvest. There are no recipes for wine making at Painted Wolf. Each vineyard and vintage provides us with grapes which are slightly different. The taste, feel, size, colour and sugar levels of each all drive my wine making decisions. I like to use the natural yeast found on the skins of our grapes and I do not want the wood to dominate the fruit as I am looking for balance and vivacity in my wines.”

Jeremy Borg

Photo Credit: Chilo Gorge Safari Lodge