Denning down with our Pack

With the unprecedented situation facing us across the world, at Painted Wolf Wines we are taking inspiration from our mantra "Remarkably persistent, persistently remarkable", as we focus on keeping our…

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Megan’s harvest adventure

For most of March, Jeremy was running from pillar to post, keeping up with all his harvesting jobs. As we mentioned in our previous post – Jeremy is always on…

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Move-ember and beyond

If you think this year has gone past fast, then consider the 5 weeks (35 days) at Painted Wolf Wines and compare us to the painted wolves we love so…

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Tasting room opening celebration

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If you happened to drive past the historic house at 125 Main Road, Paarl on Wednesday October 31st, you might have seen it decked out in bunting, with various signs…

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Unusual wines in the cellar

Anyone who knows Jeremy, knows that he likes creating wines that are not run of the mill – Viognier, Roussanne, and Grenache are good examples. When offered a few tons…

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