Celebrating the 50th birthday of the Endangered Wildlife Trust

If you have a bottle of Painted Wolf on hand, have a look at the back label, and among all the information printed there, you’ll see a distinctive red paw print and the words “in support of ENDANGERED WILDLIFE TRUST protecting forever, together” We are proud of this acknowledgement of our relationship with the EWT – and feel blessed to have accompanied them on their incredible journey for a quarter of their 50 year history!

As we began our wine journey with very humble beginnings, so too did the EWT. In May 1973, Clive Walker visited the USA where he met various influential people, including artist David Shepherd. Clive was encouraged to see how David was using his art to raise funds for wildlife conservation, a subject close to Clive’s heart. Clive had spent years hunting elephants and then later as a guide and had consequently witnessed first-hand how Africa’s wildlife had diminished in a few short years. Clive returned to South Africa, determined to use his artistic talents to create a lasting legacy for wildlife. At that time, cheetahs were in real peril and Clive focused on this subject for his first fundraising effort. He sold 250 individually numbered and signed prints, and from that small action, launching what has today become South Africa’s leading conservation organisation.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the EWT and an opportunity to reflect on the organisation’s achievements over the years. From those very modest beginnings, the EWT now has a pawprint across 21 countries, with 13 focused programmes under the management of 110 “pack members” – from the crucial admin staff based at their campus in Midrand, Gauteng to scientists and other field staff working on the coal face of conservation. They focus on diverse subjects including carnivores, vultures, cranes, amphibians, wildlife in trade and the impacts on wildlife by energy and transport infrastructure.

On 3 April 2011, we signed an agreement to support the EWT and since then we have been a loyal donor and supporter of the Trust, raising large sums of money from sales of our wines. Our focus is the Carnivore Conservation Programme which manages research and conservation of African wild dogs.

In 2015, Jeremy proudly received the prestigious Cheetah Award from the EWT , on behalf of Painted Wolf, with this citation “The Cheetah Award is awarded to individuals who have gone beyond the call of duty and extended themselves over a prolonged period in support of achieving the Mission of the EWT, which is to conserve threatened species and ecosystems throughout the region to the benefit of all.”

Please join us in raising a glass of Painted Wolf to our conservation heroes and toasting their next 50 years of even greater successes !

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