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Photo credit: Nicholas Dyer


The painted wolf, or African wild dog, is listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Habitat loss, disease, competition with other predators and the struggle to coexist with ever-expanding human populations have decimated painted wolf numbers throughout Africa.  We are dedicated to raising money for the organisations that are working to secure a better future for these remarkable animals and we channel up to 4% of our turnover into conservation projects. Please follow us on social media for updates on the work of these organisations.


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for painted wolf conservation since 2008

We have been supporters of the EWT for many years, and are currently focusing on raising funds for the Wild Dog Range Expansion Project, which aims to reverse the decline of painted wolves by actively increasing their populations and range throughout southern Africa.



Since 2009 we have been supporting conservation in Zimbabwe and Botswana through Tusk. Our donations are channelled through Painted Dog Conservation and Botswana Predator conservation.

For information on other organisations supported please CLICK HERE




Compare historical painted wolf ranges to those of the present. Drag the arrows to compare historical painted wolf ranges to those of the present.

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Estimated number of painted wolves left in the world


Success rate for painted wolf hunts

0 %

Average number of pups born to a pack each year



There has been controversy about the use of the name African wild dog because it is thought by some to have negative connotations. These amazing carnivores have long been vilified as vermin and conservationists would prefer a more positive term. Following the popular BBC series “Dynasties” in 2018, the name painted wolf has gained traction.

In English they have been known as African wild dog (most common usage), Cape hunting dog, painted hunting dog (favoured by Greg Rasmussen), painted dog, painted wolf and tri-coloured dog.

This map illustrates the names given to painted wolves in some of the many languages of Africa.

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