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Photo credit: Mike Eastwood


Competition time

At Painted Wolf Wines we are celebrating ten years of supporting the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT’s) Wild Dog Range Expansion Project, which aims to reverse the decline of Painted Wolves (African wild dogs) by actively increasing their populations and range throughout southern Africa. Learn more about the project from the...

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A quartet of winning whites

We have had such an amazing start to the awards season this year, with four of our white wines scooping early medals. First up is our celebrated Lightning Sauvignon Blanc 2020, which came home from the Concours Mondial du Sauvignon with a gold medal. This Walker Bay wine is the first...

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Harvest News

At the beginning of every year Jeremy pencils into our shared calendar what will happen where and when during harvest, and this year was no different.  With a slightly more complicated model than most, we make wine in three geographically spread-out locations, and harvest grapes from several far-flung vineyards. Meticulous planning is...

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An unexpectedly good year

At Painted Wolf Wines the two components of our name receive an equal share of our attention – we make delicious wines in order to raise money for African wild dog (painted wolf) conservation.  And against all the odds, thanks to our enthusiastically conservation- and wine-focused customers, what a year...

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A tale of two top dogs

At Painted Wolf Wines we always marvel at the way in which African wild dogs work together and support each other for the good of the pack.  Ever since we started on our winemaking journey, we have taken inspiration from these animals that are at the heart of everything we do.  This...

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Donate to conservation while restocking your wine rack!

Painted Wolf Wines has everything in place to deliver wine to you as soon as we are allowed. Our generous offers (below) are available until 31st May 2020 so time is of the essence! With the absence of tourists and the revenue they bring to conservation areas, it is vital...

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Denning down with our Pack

With the unprecedented situation facing us across the world, at Painted Wolf Wines we are taking inspiration from our mantra “Remarkably persistent, persistently remarkable”, as we focus on keeping our business alive while doing everything we can to help flatten the curve. The success of a pack of painted wolves...

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News from the den – mafia, money and more

As always, the pack at Painted Wolf Wines is constantly on the move, spreading the word on wine and wild dogs. Expanding our paw print Jeremy and Amanda have been busy spreading the word, in Johannesburg, KZN, and across the Cape. We have been delighted to sponsor wine for a...

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Painted Wolf wins trophy for Most Successful Producer Overall at 2019 Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show

Painted Wolf Wines took top honours at the 2019 Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show on Tuesday June 4 2019. Out of the 956 wines from 206 producers, Painted Wolf Wines was awarded trophies for the Top Niche White for The Pack Roussanne 2018   and for the Top Niche Red...

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Painted Wolf has two of the top 100 Wines for 2019

We are thrilled to announce that once again we have two wines in the Double Platinum/Top 100 in the 2019 National Wine Challenge/Top 100 competition. Jeremy, our winemaker and founder had this to say: “What could be better than a life spent doing what one loves and being acknowledged for...

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Save the date and join us and many other wonderful producers by the sea in September. More details to follow.