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Photo credit: Emma Borg
Photo credit: Emma Borg
Photo credit: Emma Borg


Welcome to our shop where you can order wine for delivery to your den anywhere within South Africa.


The Den wines are social wines to be enjoyed with friends and family, named for the den, the heart of all African wild dog communities. Flavour-packed, soft and juicy comfort wines for every day drinking.


Premium wines handcrafted from organic or sustainably-farmed vineyards. The embodiment of our quest to find the best grapes and create exceptional wines.


Lycaon Pictus, named after the rare and beautiful painted wolf, this range of boutique wines includes our certified heritage Chenin Blanc as well Rhône-style blends made from our favourite barrels of each vintage.


Named after our trusty old Bush vehicle, our partner in many adventures in search of elusive African wild dogs, Jemma is a small export range of high quality and exceptional value every day wines. In response to requests from people who have experienced them, we are delighted to offer these wines for a limited time only to the South African market.


Get R7500 worth of wine PLUS benefits for just R5000 and become a PACK HERO

  • A choice of what wines to purchase 
  • A zoom tasting and conservation talk with our winemaker Jeremy Borg and a well-known conservationist
  • Complimentary tastings for up to 4 people at our tasting room
  • Automatic membership of our Wine Club entitling you to discount of 15% on any further wines you order from our online shop or from our tasting room
  • Invitation to participate in a Wine and Wild dog safari and other special events



Delivery is free for orders over R1,800.

For any queries contact

To order online in the US please click here:
For distribution in other countries please click here:  Your Guide to Buying Painted Wolf Wines from Beyond South Africa



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