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Welcome to The Painted Wolf Pack – our unique and exclusive wine direct club. 

How it works:

Members sign up to receive a bi-annual allocation of wines selected by winemaker Jeremy Borg, including scarce older vintages, limited releases, and/or new pre-releases. With a fact sheet, pairing suggestions, and some other value-added surprises.

Your commitment is to purchase either each or both of these two cases, (in roughly March and September. ) or, if you prefer, any wines of your choice to a minimum value of the curated case at the 15% discounted price. In doing so you qualify for 15% discount on all additional purchases throughout the year without limit.

A donation from every bottle you purchase goes to the protection and conservation of African Wild Dogs in their natural habitats.

Additional benefits to you will include:

free delivery within South Africa (minimum order of 12 bottles)

qualification for two very special annual prizes: most loyal Painted Wolf Pack member and a general lucky draw.

invitations to 3 free quarterly web-based wine and conservation events and an annual live event in Johannesburg or the Cape

being part of a unique conservation driven club in celebration and support of African Wild Dogs and environmental conservation

pre-launch info and offers on new vintages and special/rare wines

Your membership will be valid for 12 months, following which it will remain in place until or unless cancelled by you.

Join our unique and committed Pack. Painted Wolf Wines are the world’s most unique blend of passion for authentic and artisanal wine and wilderness conservation – most especially for the Painted Wolf | Pictus Lycaon, our beloved and very threatened African Wild Dogs. Our range of wines express heirloom South African identity, global award-winning recognition, and our unrivalled commitment to conservation – especially for the endangered Painted Wolf species. For wine lovers and drinkers, we are simply conservation in every glass. We look forward to welcoming you.

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