Wine with the wild dogs, this WOMEN’S MONTH!

We are celebrating women’s month with 3 “female orientated” wines. 

Den Rosé 2022

We have recently released our new Rosé.  With its delicate colour and aromas, this wine is the perfect accompaniment to the long, lazy summer afternoons that beckon as we wave goodbye to winter 2022.   The “parents” of Pinotage, South Africa’s only “indigenous” grape make the world’s finest French Rosé wines.  Our winemaker Jeremy loves this varietal and uses it for each vintage of our enchanting dry Rosé

We have recently launched a new range, each named after a legendary African wild dog, two of which we have selected as special women’s month offerings.  The alpha female in a wild dog pack is key to the success of the entire pack, these wines pay tribute to these incredible females.

Teardrop Viognier 2020

Teardrop lived in Tswalu, a magnificent private reserve in the Kalahari.  As wild dogs are prone to do, she decided to leave the relative safety of the reserve and was shot and severely wounded by a neighbouring landowner.  It took 6 months for a team of veterinarians and rehab experts to nurse her back to health.   Once she was fully recovered, she and a few other dogs were flown to Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique to establish a new pack, she is now a mature female and continues to thrive in her new home.    

Blacktip Mourvedre 2020

Blacktip was a formidable alpha-female from the Nyakasanga Pack, well known in Zimbabwe’s Mana Pools and immortalised in the BBC series – “Dynasties – Painted Wolves.”   The film crew and researchers who grew to know her, were in awe of her tenacity, initiative and determination in the “dog eat dog” world of the African bushveld.  She fearlessly led a pack 30 strong, which included 15 of her own puppies, becoming famed for their ability to hunt baboons, behaviour, that had never been documented.  This delicious and powerful wine is a magnificent tribute to a fearless female.

Please click on the link below to view a short video clip of our winemaker Jeremy Borg, as he reveals what went into making these special wines. 

If you would like to catch up with the pack at a venue near you, diarise these events!  Please also keep an eye on our social media channels for further details.   

Cape Town public wine tastings Trophy Wine Show 2022 – 24 August 2022


EWT fundraising event at Prison Break market – 26 August 2022


Women’s Month event at Simondium Guild, Paarl – First 10 ladies who arrive on the day get to choose a complimentary tasting or a glass of Rosé.  No bookings necessary – 27 August 2022



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