Collaboration is again at the heart of our cellar work. Our wines are made in the Hemel-en-Aarde, Wellington and Voor Paardeberg, where we have friends and colleagues who are kind enough to share cellar space with us. Grapes are picked and transported quickly in the cool morning air to one of the cellars where Jeremy helps the grapes to work their magic.

Wherever possible we avoid the use of commercial yeast and keep the winemaking process as natural as possible. Our wines are fermented in an assortment of small vessels with manual punchdowns being the norm, and we have been known to engage in a bit of foot stomping when necessary! All in all we take an old-fashioned, hands-on approach and our wines receive a lot of love and attention on their journey to the bottle. 

“My winemaking philosophy is a product of the numerous paths I have taken in my life and the very fine wine people with whom I have worked. As a former professional chef and a foodie, I have a great interest in making wines that are balanced and harmonious. This conveniently aligns with many of the attributes of painted wolves -energetic, balanced and persistent.”

Jeremy Borg

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