The den, Pinotage 2009

W.O. Coastal region

Cultivar(s): Pinotage 85% | Shiraz: 15%
Analysis: Alc: 14% | R.S: 2.34g/l | T.A: 5.86g/l | Ph: 3.66

The story of this wine

The den wines are social wines to be enjoyed with friends and family. These wines are named for the den, the heart of all African wild dog communities. Flavour-packed, soft and juicy comfort wines for every day drinking.

Jenny Metelerkamp produced a fine Painted Wolf ink drawing for the label.

Tasting notes

A juicy fruit packed smooth wine with a smorgasbord of red and black Summer berries, warm spice and toasty wood flavors. The wine has a lovely silky texture and a long smooth finish.

Food suggestions

Pinotage is the best possible red wine in the world to pair with Mexican dishes such as Fajitas and Mole. It is also great with Cabrillo. The wine likes cumin seeds, and smoky ancho chilli flavours. It is also very good with other flavoursome American regional specialties such as with Carolina pulled pork and smoky Texas B.B.Q beef rib.

The vineyard

The grapes for this wine have been harvested from three vineyards, Kasteelsig in the Swartland and Leeuwenkuil in Agter Paarl and Southern Cross in the Simondium region of Paarl. Southern Cross is a site with granite soils whilst the other two sites have similar shale soils. None of the blocks from which the grapes have been sourced is irrigated. Grapes have been hand picked.


The bulk of the Pinotage was destalked and fermented in tanks with staves. Malolactic and maturation was completed on staves. A small percentage of Pinotage and the Shiraz were fermented in small open fermenters and hand punched. They were pressed straight into wood and completed malolactic fermentation in barrel. Barrel matured in a mixture of 3rd fill French and US barrels and wine fermented with a variety of different types of oak staves. We have used both medium toast long French staves and a high toast US oak stave.

The Shiraz component, 15% is 2008 wine, blended to give the wine a smoother mouth feel and a more sophisticated aroma and flavour.

The wine has been given a light egg fining before being filtered and bottled.