The den, Sauvignon Blanc 2016

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W.O. Coastal region

Cultivar(s): Sauvignon blanc 100%
Analysis: Alc: 12.7% | R.S: 2.9g/l | T.A: 6.1g/l | Ph: 3.48

Awards & accolades

3 stars – Platter

The story of this wine

The den wines are social wines to be enjoyed with friends and family. These wines are named for the den, the heart of all African wild dog communities. Flavour-packed, soft and juicy comfort wines for every day drinking.

Jenny Metelerkamp produced a fine Painted Wolf ink drawing for the label.

Tasting notes

A full wine with aromas of tropical fruits, green figs and minerality with an underlying hint of vanilla and oak spice. This Sauvignon has a rounded, textured mouth-feel, good balance and fresh, supple acidity.  The den wines are comfort wines, and this wine delivers just that.

Food suggestions

The den Sauvignon Blanc is delicious on its own or with simply served oysters on the half shell with brown bread and butter. Make yourself a lovely summer salad with mixed greens, figs, green grapes, radishes, chevin cheese and a mustard vinaigrette and pull up a large glass of this wine.  Excellent with peri- peri chicken and chips.

The vineyard

This wine is produced from a number of vineyards in Elgin and Stellenbosch.


Great care has been taken to ensure that the grapes were picked at the correct time.


This wine is blended from grapes grown on a cool vineyard site in Elgin and a warmer Stellenbosch site. It received the best possible attention, being blanketed with CO2 throughout the crushing and pressing process. Roughly 20% of this wine was barrel fermented in large, old barrels.

Ageing potential

This wine should be drunk within four to five years of vintage.


A social wine to be enjoyed with friends and family. Named for THE DEN, the heart of the Wild Dog community. Flavour packed, soft and juicy comfort wines for every day drinking.


A pack of Wild Dogs and a pack of cyclists share the same goal. Whether it is food for the pack or the end of a long road, what remains is the bond between pack members and the ability to unwind and enjoy the company. Company made all the more enjoyable by sharing a good wine, a love of wide open spaces and the Wild Dogs who roam them.


High quality wines carefully hand crafted from our 3 Pack members’ grapes including a number of single vineyard wines named after the vineyard owners.


Named after Lycaon Pictus, the scientific name for Painted Wolf. Each edition of this deluxe Rhone style blend is as rare and beautiful as the Wild Dogs we support. Each year we choose a painting from one of our pack artists to feature on the label and each year we match estimated Wild Dog numbers with the number of bottle we produce. In most cases, the original painting is sold at auction with proceeds donated to wild dog research and conservation.

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